The Masters (SDC Second Edition)

The Masters

When a black ship—defying the winter gales—brings three sinister, masked strangers to young Carnelian’s remote island of exile, he yearns to travel back with them to begin a new life of freedom and adventure. But even just setting off means destroying the only home he has ever known and leaving their people to starve. With malevolent forces hunting them, can he and his father reach fabled Osrakum—the hidden land at the heart of the Three Lands—alive?

The Masters is volume 1 of 7 of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon—a coming of age story—a saga of love and war—an apocalyptic, epic, fantasy adventure about power and redemption

(This Second Edition is a leaner and extensive reworking of the acclaimed original)

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“The groundbreaking The Stone Dance of the Chameleon. . . is that rarest of things—a deeply original fantasy.” 


“Panoramic, riveting . . . majestically structured and vivid.” 

– Starlog

“Phantasmagorical brutality . . . gorgeous prose . . . concise and poetic . . . contains no magic and yet retains an atmosphere of occult malevolence.” 

– Strange Horizons

“Rich in imagery . . . boldly conceived and intelligently written . . . lingers in the memory like a strange and disturbing dream.” 

– Interzone

“Dark, brutally violent at times, yet hauntingly poetic with world-building that is just on another level.” 

– Out of this World

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