The Mirror Breaks (SDC Second Edition)

Carnelian and Osidian march against the Masters, overturning the power balance of centuries. They must confront the insane God Emperor and his overwhelming power on the battlefield. Despite Osidian’s deranged faith in his dark god, with their paltry two legions of dragons and vast rabble of unarmed slaves, what chance do they have of even surviving?

The Mirror Breaks is volume six, of seven, of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon—a coming of age story—a saga of love and war—an apocalyptic, epic fantasy adventure of power and redemption

(This Second Edition is a leaner and extensive reworking of the acclaimed original)

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“Escalates the horror and majesty . . . to a feverish intensity . . . almost hallucinatory.” 

Strange Horizons

“Huge, breathtaking, exhausting and compelling.”


“Cruel complexity . . . extraordinary lush baroque inventiveness.” 

Infinity Plus

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