the sixth book of the Second Edition released

I am delighted to announce that The Mirror Breaks, the sixth book, of the seven that will constitute the Second Edition of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon, is now available on any Amazon store as an ebook, and as a paperback from a more limited number of stores. I published it on the 23rd October—but have waited until I was sure that both editions are available to announce them.

The final book is nearing completion, and I am confident that I will have it out by the beginning of December this year—perhaps in late November. There is a lot to do before it’s ready. It is currently being copyedited. Also, I have drawn a new map for it that I feel will deepen your enjoyment of the book, and I will soon start on a new cover—the first proper piece of artwork I have done in MANY years!

The thoroughly revised, leaner and cleaner text of The Mirror Breaks, with its completely new initial chapter, will see Carnelian initiate an apocalypse that will envelope all those he loves…

I commend to you The Mirror Breaks

2 thoughts on “the sixth book of the Second Edition released

  1. Cant wait, really enjoyed dragon fire……can’t wait for the final book, the new map sounds really interesting…..something that you always wanted to revisit or has the experience of the sdc2 journey fuelled your imagination?

    1. it’s not really about me, it’s about you *grin*β€”it just seemed to me that a location that is topographically complex but important could do with being made clear to the reader… it’s all about making the Stone Dance a smoother, deeper experience πŸ™‚

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