the second book of the Second Edition released

I’m pleased to announce the release of the second volume of the Second Edition of the Stone Dance, The Chosen (I hope people aren’t confused by my recycling of the First Edition titles—it’ll all make sense in the end!). I published the book on Saturday because I wanted to give it a leap year publication date. My previous experience taught me that it takes time for a new book to propagate through the Amazon ecosystem. The ebook is now available from all amazon stores, and the paperback from the majority of them. I commend the new edition of The Chosen to you. Happy reading 🙂

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  1. I got that vibe from the way you described wanting to revisit the books….I can safely say you have succeeded sir!


    1. that’s most kind, Stewart. The major criticism of the 1st edition—one that I came to share—was that it was overwritten. That niggled with me, and eventually I just had to sort it.


  2. Loving the front cover, really enjoyed the first installment, flowed beautifully, cant wait to get my hands on this


    1. 🙂 smoothing the flow was a primary motivation for the rewrite


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