towards 2020

City living eclipses solstices. Their significance is more obvious in the countryside. Cresting the summer solstice could be sad—starting the toboggan slide down into winter darkness—but the ease and glory of midsummer makes it hard to be glum. Besides, here in Scotland, with sea to west and north and east, our summer only peaks in August.

The winter solstice is a more ravenous beast. At this darkest time—here the sun sets before 4pm—our bodies do not make vitamin D, and so we fall prey to colds and flus, and are more prone to the blues. On our bellies, we squeeze under the heavy dip of the year and begin the climb to summer.

Events have cast shadows over 2019, but the birth of a new year brings hope, and I am looking forward to re-engaging with you in 2020. Until then, happy solstice!

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  1. Last week I was about to leave a comment, much in the same spirit as your sentiment, but was called away to persuade the turkey to get into the oven.
    One week later and everything seems different and hopes dashed, sinking.


      1. Mainly the sssasination and risk of yet another war (although I think that is a small risk at the moment), when all these are added to the fires, Tories back to their old tricks, no hope of change in UK and US for at least another 5 years and what damage can be caused in the meantime. I am partly allowing the goings on to get to me and partly wondering what else this madness can throw at us.


        1. yes, it is worrying enough for me—though, in truth, I have been staying away from the news and so this is not as acute to me as it would normally be—I can only imagine what it must be like for you. 🙁


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