I’ve opened an account on instagram in preparation for the launch of the new Second Edition Stone Dance books and Ric Cross has connected it to this site, so that new posts will appear on the homepage.

My instagram account will start by providing a sort of ‘biography’—for anyone who is interested in my work history—as well as some stuff about my personal life, my dog Toby and my chickens, my bats and my bees, and even some film reviews. (heaven help us!)

Once I start launching the new books, I will distribute little visual bits and pieces on instagram—this is likely to be of more interest to new readers than to the rest of you who are already on my mailing list.

The images will be tagged to allow them to be separated into different streams. If you click on the tag #RicardoPintoWriter you will only get a column of posts relevant to my work. #RicardoPintoReviews will produce a stack of… you guessed it… reviews. I’m making this up as I go along. We shall see how it goes.

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