Stone Dance Second Edition Proofs

I have been hard at work on the Second Edition of the Stone Dance—it feels like an endless task but I’m getting there. Proofs of the first five volumes exist, and here’s a photo to prove it! :O). The sixth volume is almost at proof stage, but I put it aside so I can get my head around ‘marketing’.

The first volume is ready to go, and a proof of the second volume is out for proofreading. I hope to publish the first volume in a few weeks. The second will follow perhaps a couple of weeks after that, and I will release the rest, one a month, until all seven are out. There will be ebook versions of each volume.

16 thoughts on “Stone Dance Second Edition Proofs

  1. Will there be 2nd editions also in other languages… like in Portuguese? Which publishing house will sell hard copies in english? I am so excited with this news 🙂

    1. I’m working on that… but have nothing yet that I can say on the matter. I’m publishing them myself—Ivory Tower Press—doing everything myself—even the covers! 🙂

  2. I feel lucky having been there (mostly) the first time round, and am looking forward to this round!

    What – you mean I’d have to *read* the bloody thing? 😉

    No, seriously, I’ll be there for the ride, and hope – trust – that many others will be!
    2020 Would be nice round number to get yourself a Hugo!

    1. *wide grin* when the Stone Dance came out the first time, my mother said: “please finish it before I die”—there’s clearly something about my projects that evoke this kind of reaction!

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