in Lisbon next weekend

I am going to be in Lisbon, Portugal next weekend attending Fórum Fantástico 2010 as a guest. I am hoping to be wandering about on Friday (12th Novemember) afternoon. On Saturday (13th November) I will be giving a talk on ‘worldbuilding’ in the morning and talking about my books in the afternoon.

Here’s the programme.

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  1. Hey Ricardo,
    I heard you speak today at Forum Fantástico, and really enjoyed it! I just wanted to let you know that I became very interest in your work, and I’m definitely going to read your books 😉
    Great luck to your future projects!

    Francisco Martins


    1. I’m pleased you did :O) – I don’t know if you heard the ‘World Building’ talk or the interview… Will soon be putting lots of stuff up from the Forum in a blog…


  2. And come Saturday, there I will be. 😀


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