Yesterday I wrote the first scene of my new book. Like laying a cornerstone, this determines the orientation of the entire structure of the book… It’s a big moment for me since it’s the first new text I’ve written for… well, YEARS!!?

Perhaps not incidentally, today the English paperback edition of The Third God has been launched…

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  1. Daniel Cardoso 4th March 2010 at 5:28 pm

    Congratulations. And hurry up 😛


  2. At my grandparents’ there was toilet-paper with jokes printed on them, when I was little !?! (I had forgotten all about that!)

    Which reminds me that once I was in art school toilet, caught without paper, and had to riffle through my sketches, to see which I could sacrifice.

    Is Third God paper suitable for rolling cigarettes, do you think?…


    1. hmmm… now don’t you go giving people ideas that might lead to book burning…! *grin*


  3. …And indeed they’re for sale in our local book shop. 922 densely-printed bogroll-thin pages!


    1. “bog-roll”…. “BOG-ROLL””??? ;O) – but of course you’re right, the pages are thin… that makes the books less useful as doorstops, but more of a pleasure to read… *grin*


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