Eastercon 2010

Rather at the last minute, I have decided to attend this year’s Eastercon, Odyssey 2010. I had such a good time last year, that I thought I’d go again – and catch up with old and new friends. I shall be wandering around on all four days (2nd – 5th of April) so please do come up and talk to me – I am very friendly! It appears that I shall also be doing a signing session on Saturday afternoon from 12-1pm.

8 thoughts on “Eastercon 2010

    1. That in answer to the question whether you should have books for purchase then. Someone would have to be there to handle the dosh, then, ofcourse…

  1. But… If you do a signing session, the signatures you put in my copies of the books will be worth less! 🙁

    Do you think there are writers out there, of whom the real collector’s items are UNsigned books?….

    1. *grin* such a writer is either selling pitifully few books, or else signing them like a madman! The way I look at this is that I rarely sign any books. So, if you have one I’ve signed, it’s either one from a ‘mass’ signing (rarely happens!) or individual. Since I also date the books it would be easy to find out which category any particular book belongs. Yours, for example, would be unique to the dates they were signed – that is, there would be no other books out there with my signature and that date…

      1. That’s all true…
        Except that you’ve written my name in it, and that really hurts the resale value!!!
        Hope you have a blast, signing… And won’t be wilting behind the table.
        Let the stacks fly!
        How about an incentive; whomever buys a copy, gets a lottery ticket, and one lot will be drawn and gets a free hardback, print or whatnot?…

        1. yup… you can tell a lot about someone’s attitude to books – or, specifically, your book – when they choose to have their name inscribed or not at a signing… Not that I’m implying any kind of judgement on my part. As you know, I’m not really good at this commercial flim-flam, but I will think about it… Wasn’t intending to take books to sell… er… should I?

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