happy new year!

well, I’ve been meaning to wish you all a happy new year for quite a while now – and I was even going to wish you a happy Christmas too, but what with the endless snow and associated dramas, that never happened. Not that I am really complaining about the snow – I love it! and it was to experience the seasons more fully that was one of the main reasons I moved out into the country.

I am not sure how the blogging is going to go over the next few weeks because I am nearing the end of the research phase of my new book. I am going to ‘try’ to write it quickly (no titters please! :O) ) and this means I might find it hard to spare the time to write here, but we shall see.

Finally, you might like to read the mention made of The Third God here (scroll down to David McWilliam).

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  1. *correction* production. not productivity. Research is great. 😀


    1. research is great, but, as you can imagine, I can easily get lost in it… It’s not that I am no longer doing research – rather I have reached the point where I am putting together the basic story and my research has now narrowed down to supporting that process. Who knows, I might even soon start ACTUALLY ‘writing’ *grin*


  2. Looks quite magical. If there’s a fireplace and/or hot chocolate it seems like it would be a great winter season.

    Is there still snow now?

    Oh, and nice way to start the year: finished research and on to productivity. ^^


    1. i am blessed by having two wood burning stoves – and use them to heat whatever room I am in… As you can imagine, such an arrangement makes an optimal setting in which to write… Snow still lingers – longer here than in most of the land round about…


  3. There seems to be a gnome traipsing around in your garden!…


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