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Disappointingly, Klett-Cotta have decided not to publish a German edition of The Third God. I can only assume that this is because the book was so late. I am not apologetic about having taken as long as I did to write the Stone Dance, but since it was I who chose to do so without compromising its artistic integrity, I cannot complain about these commercial consequences.

I am of course saddened that my German readers will not be able to read the book for now in their own language. My agents and I are seeking another German publisher.

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  1. […] suchen Ricardo Pintos Agenten und der Autor nach einem neuen deutschen Verlag für das Buch. Ganz schlecht scheinen mir die Chancen dafür nicht. Denn ein neuer Verlag könnte […]


    1. here’s that link… I’ve sent it to my agents. If there’s anyone out there in Germany that could help us find a publisher for the books I would really appreciate it. What I am most concerned about is that my German readers can read the third book in German…


  2. Shame on Klett-Cotta! I never grow tired to recommend the Stone Dance to my friends and family, that’s going to be much harder when they find out that the third part won’t be released in german.
    But maybe it will get them to read it in english, a little training is never wrong. Also, imo, translation is some kind of dilution of the original stuff, there are always some things lost in the process, so they would even get the better version ;).

    I really don’t see why the lateness would be a reason not to publish the book. Or is your fanbase in germany so small that they think it won’t sell?

    I’m not too enthusiastic about ebooks, but in cases like this, ebooks may be a chance for readers to get a version in their own language. Essentially, you would only need some really good translators, and a paypal account or something like that. Then you could publish the book all by yourself. Of course, reality is more complicated, especially when it comes to the question of copyright and piracy…


    1. Klett-Cotta didn’t communicate the reason they made their decision to me… As for ebooks, as you can read in my posts on this blog, I think we should wait and see… I believe that, where literature is concerned, there is a potential for ebooks to ‘liberate’ us all…


  3. Drat!

    Best luck in finding a new publisher. I guess it won’t be easy, since 2/3 of the trilogie has been published already.


    1. *grin* drat indeed! I’m very disappointed. I’ve no idea how easy it will be… The third book was always going to be different because Wolfgang Krege, who translated the first two, sadly died…


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