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Was sent this review by the legendary critic David Langford last week, but couldn’t show it to you until I got permission. Needless to say, as the first review (that I know about), I am chuffed.

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  1. Mr Pinto, I have been an avid reader since I was 4. AS the years have moved on I have become much more selective in my choise of writers that I will read. Most of the famous – and wealthy – writers are not on my list, you sir, are.
    What this world lacks to today is compassion, passion and imagination by page 10 of ‘Stone dance’ I was hooked on Mr Pinto’s view of the world the depth which was obviously developing.
    Your writing is beautiful, thats the only word I can possibly use and ranks along side writers such as Kate Elliot and Stephen Donaldson, my precvious personal favorites. In reading your stories I can see that which lies beneath the written word and the honesty is utterly refreshing.
    Well done Sir, Bravo! I look forward to any thing you write in the future, lets all hope the wait is short.

  2. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this book!! It was an agonizing near seven years since the second book! I’ve made an altar for the trilogy and I’m not selling them like I did with my other books. ^^ It’s very rare to find books that are beautifully written and exquisitely crafted nowadays. Imagine my horror when I found out that we do not have the third book available here in the U.S. I had to order overseas and hat took a while to get here. Mr. Pinto sir, what you are doing is not writing but world building and life creating. Each word is a step alongside the people inside the story and each page is a silver-screen worthy image. I stayed up late so many nights reading your books because I didn’t dare to skim through but carefully read each sentence in order to remember them better afterward. I fell in love with the world of the Chosen, the Earthsky, the people, the cruelty, the terror, the intrigues, the love, the compassion, I love them all! Words could not fully describe my feelings when I finally reached the last page. Disappointed because there was no more, but completely happy. Whatever happens, you must write more!
    With love from the sunshine state of CA (it’s now VERY BRIGHT AND HOT). (p.s. I’ve successfully brainwashed my friend into reading the books and you’ve gain another fan ^^).

    1. an “altar” – *wide grin* I am flattered, of course, that you value my work so highly… The UK edition is supposed to be available from amazon.com…

  3. it’s more important to me that my readers value my books, than the critics – however pleasing that can be too… My new book is not set in the Stone Dance world… but I have a feeling that, nevertheless, it is going to be a sort of sequel… A prequel to the Stone Dance is possible… a direct sequel less likely… We shall see…

  4. Considering the quality of your books, I think there will be more favourable reviews soon.
    Just finished the book myself, and it will stay with me for a long time. A truely great conclusion! Thanks for writing it 😉
    Saw that you are researching a new book, will it be in the same universe as the stone dance? I’d really love to read more of that fascinating world. Have you ever considered writing a prequel? Maybe a few millennia before the events around carnelian, in the time when the masters began their reign over the commonwealth? A sequel would be great either, so we can see how things develop(ed) some time after the third god. Or BOTH 🙂
    Well, whatever you decide to write, I’m sure it will be great!

  5. Bravo Ricardo, and so very well deserved. The review is perfectly pitched and solidly representative of your work, and that’s the very best you can hope for.
    Seems they accidentally printed the last red star blue for some reason. Strange.
    Very best,


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