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Raquel Garrido had already kindly given me links to the talk I did in English on World Building [parts one, two, three, four, five, and six]

She has also given me links to the video she took of me in conversation with Rogério Ribeiro in Portuguese [parts one, two, three and four]

If that wasn’t enough, Daniel Cardoso also made audio recordings of the talks which he has sent to me suggesting that some people might be interested in having them to listen to in this format.

So here is the talk on world building (in English), and the conversation with Roger Ribeiro (in Portuguese).

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  1. I’ll put the audio files on my walkman, that’ll make it easier to listen to them.
    Its very nice of these chaps to make that material available! – does your website have a ‘media’ section for storing interviews, reviews, these sort of materials? I’m sure people coming to your work new (and old hands too) will find it a very useful resource!

    That microphone makes you look tiny, by the way!


    1. the ‘conversa’ is not going to be much use to you since it’s in Portuguese :O( – it is, as you say, very kind of Daniel and Raquel to have gone to all this bother… Don’t have a media section per see… but you can access these things through the tagcloud… perhaps I should add a “media” tag… Isn’t this good enough, do you think?


      1. Usually there is a media section on authors’ profiles… where they show how important they are by showing how often they’re talked about *tongue-in-cheek*

        And it was no bother at all. 🙂


        1. yes… I suspect that if I was talked about enough I might have a ‘media section’… and might then even be able to feel important….. :OP


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