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Chapter Hinterland

The map above shows the southern margin of the Guarded Land with Qunoth on the right edge of the map, and Makar in its upper left corner. The raised road (a section of the Ringwall) connecting Qunoth to Makar is shown as a solid red line with regular dots along it showing its watchtowers. The dotted red line show’s Carnelian’s route, and has each camp he makes marked and with an associated date. The second […]

Chapter Makar

The map above shows the location of Makar, near the southern edge of the Guarded Land, and at the head of a canyon system that runs down to the Leper Valleys. It is the terminus of the Great South Road from Osrakum. The second map shows Makar in some detail. The city proper is the curving red element that is shaped a little like the body of a peeled prawn. This part is ancient and […]

Lepers’ Gorge

This map shows Carnelian’s journey up the Leper’s Gorge, from Lily’s cave (in the bottom left, up the tributary stream that joins the river just before the fork) all the way up to Qunoth (at the top right, at the end of the diagonal grey line – that is another basalt dyke like the Backbone). Note the many ‘valleys’ along the southern margin of the Guarded Land plateau – many of which hold Leper refuges. […]

The Leper Valleys

With north to the top, the map above shows the southern margin of the Guarded Land plateau (orange) where it meets the northern margin of the Earthsky (pale yellow) – another, though lower, plateau. They meet at Lepers’ Gorge cut by the river flowing from east to west, issuing from the Gorge into the widening delta of the Leper Valleys proper. Here the river unravels into many channels, eventually disappearing altogether into the swamp—the green […]

The Pass to Makar

This map of the Pass to Makar shows the system of vast erosional canyons descending from Makar – shown at the junction of the three roads towards the top of the map – down to the green sward of the Leper Valleys. The Pass is by far the greatest indentation into the southern margin of the Guarded Land and provides the primary link between the Guarded Land and the Earthsky, as well as other southern […]

Through the Leper Valleys

This map shows not only the Leper Valleys, but also Carnelian’s route through them. Shown are places, with associate dates, where he and Osidian make military camps.