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Mother Trees

Mother Trees are a species of cedar. I took the second photograph, of a beautiful example located in the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens, one summer. I spent much time lying under it, looking up through its branches at the sky. Tragically, it was damaged in a storm and had to be cut down. The specimen shown is a small one. On the slopes of Lebanon, famed since ancient time for these trees, some exist that […]

The Hearth

This is a rough sketch of the ‘rootearth’ of Akaisha’s mother tree; one of many in the Grove of the Ochre koppie. The circle at the centre is the trunk from which roots radiate. The outermost circle shows the extent of Akaisha’s rootearth. Uphill, between the roots, lie the hollows in which the members of her hearth sleep. Running down from the trunk is the major hollow, framed by two immense roots upon which the […]