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Kumatuya Election

This spreadsheet shows an analysis of the election to find a successor to the God Emperor Nuhuron; at issue, whether Ykoriana’s brother, Tyatxungo, should be elected, or her charismatic half-brother, Kumatuya, the favourite son of the deceased God Emperor—knowing that whoever wins will become her husband. For what follows, it might be useful to refer to the Imperial House family tree. Kumatuya’s faction has his own blood-rank three votes; those of his mother, Nurpayahras and almost […]

The Chamber of the Three Lands

The Chamber of the Three Lands is a cave lying at the heart of the Halls of Thunder where the Chosen gather to elect a new God Emperor. The interior of this chamber is described in great detail in the chapter of The Chosen, “The Election”. The diagram shows an end elevation (showing the position of the immense stone bell) of the Chamber with a plan superimposed. In the plan, it can be seen that […]

The Election

The first page shows the positions that the various parties adopt during the actual voting. The diagrams on the second page show the routes taken by the Lesser Chosen, the Great, the House of the Masks, the Wise etc as they enter the Chamber of the Three Lands prior to the election. These diagrams relate to the various structures in the Chamber. I produced them to work out the choreography that is the dominant structure of the […]

The Election – Voting

The first two spreadsheets show the voting situation in Osrakum before and after Suth Sardian’s arrival. Before Suth’s arrival, Ykoriana’s faction is heading towards an outright win for her favoured candidate, Molochite, with a margin of more than 1000 votes. Even should Imago’s faction vote against her, she would win with a comfortable margin of 160. Note, however, that in spite of this, Aurum’s faction is dominant in the Clave—which is what allows him to […]


Voting processes are ubiquitous among the Chosen and are based on blood-rank. Only those who are of the Great are ‘enfranchised’ and, of these, women and minors are generally excluded. (In this case, the House of the Masks is to be considered to be of the Great.) Among the Lesser Chosen, voting systems do occur for votes carried out within their Houses, but these use methods not based on blood-rank. Votes, then, are cast according […]