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Chapter Raveners

The sketch above shows the different phases of the Battle of the Raveners. North is roughly towards the top. The circular structure is the Twostone koppie. The first phase (top left) shows Carnelian’s forces moving east. Aurum’s forces are located to the north and south of the koppie. The following phases (middle top > top right > middle right) show the way Aurum’s forces follow Carnelian’s east. The battle proper occurs after the last phase […]

The Battle of Makar

In the diagram above, the lowest portion shows how Osidian and Carnelian march their forces west. Their positions in the line are shown. Taking advantage of the wind blowing from the south-west, they cover their advance with the clouds of dust the dragons raise. The rest of their forces are protected by marching up wind of the dragons—the positions of their various contingents are shown.Where “Fern” is marked, read “Blue”. The top right diagram shows […]

The Battle of the Mirror

Phase 1: Molochite’s twenty legions deploy from his camp: his dragons in two lines in the centre and his auxiliaries on the flanks. His location is shown in the Iron House. Osidian’s sartlar millions form immense blocks. Molochite’s auxiliaries charge into them forcing Osidian’s flanks to halt, but his centre continues to advance towards Molochite’s dragons. Carnelian and Blue’s movement are shown as a dotted line running from the Twenty Legion Camp into combat. Phase […]