about my blog hermitabroad

Having lived most of my life in cities, years ago I moved into the country. My existence had been already quite hermitic, in this new remoteness my solitude has deepened. The lot of a writer is often to be away from people. Away from people, for good or ill, you are closer to yourself, and it is possible to be more aware of that world that is not our human world, as it is easier to engage with societies that have passed away, whose whispers our frantic civilization drowns out.

In this blog then are the thoughts of someone who lives somewhat at a remove. What value they may possess comes from this perspective. Like so many of us, I fear storms are brewing that are of our making, and that much that we are doing is not wise. I offer my perspective humbly in the hope that it may be of interest to you, and perhaps even of use. If you engage with me, we can turn this into a conversation.

your very first comment I will personally have to approve. Thereafter you should be able to post comments without restriction. I trust to your decency not to be rude to anyone.