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The Grove

The Grove is the collection of cedars, or mother trees,┬ácovering the slopes of the hill that rises at the centre of the Koppie. All the koppies of the Plainsmen are built around such a hill, and the grove of the Ochre is typical. The first diagram is a rough sketch showing this mound, surrounded by the Homeditch (only a few of the cedars are shown). At the very summit of the hill, at the heart […]

The Koppie

The first sketch shows, roughly, what you would see if you were standing on the edge of the Outditch. The inner ferngardens lead to the Homeditch, that is like a moat for the hill that rises to the Crag. It is upon this hill that the Grove of mother trees grow, cedars that are sacred to the Plainsmen. Some of these trees are shown. There should be enough to cover the whole hill. The other […]