The Halls of Rebirth

The diagram above shows a cross-section (north-east – south-west) with the Plain of Thrones on the left and the Halls of Rebirth and the colonnade of the Labyrinth off to the right. Note the slope that the sarcophagus columns of the Labyrinth climb – this is the outer slope of the volcanic cone of the Plain of Thrones. The triangular concavity in the crater wall – facing out over the Plain – is the Pyramid Hollow and behind it, cut into the rock, are the strata of the Halls of Rebirth.

The second diagram shows a close up of the Pyramid Hollow with the arched voids that lie behind it.

The Halls of Rebirth are the equivalent on earth of the Halls of Thunder in the sky – the residence of the God Emperor and his court in the Labyrinth.