The Three Crowns

The diagram above shows the three crowns separately, each representing one of the Three Lands: so that the leftmost, the Green Crown, represents the lands of the barbarians; the central one, the Red Crown, represents the Guarded Land; and the rightmost, the Black Crown, represents Osrakum. Stacked, one on top of and inside the other, they represent the dominion of the God Emperor—and thus the Chosen—over the Three Lands (a more detailed discussion of various interpretations of the Crowns can be found accompanying the expanded version of the diagram)

The second diagram shows the Three Crowns assembled into the Triple Crown. The two spiral plaques attached to the Green Crown symbolize the Law. Note also how the Green Crown evokes the four horns of a dragon thus symbolizing dominion over the legions. Also note that the Green and Black Crowns are each surmounted by an il, or horned-ring, symbolizing divinity. Together, they represent the Twin Gods.