The Wreck of the Iron House

The diagram show Carnelian and Fern standing before the wreck of the Iron House. It has come off the road – the two dragons that pull it having tumbled to the ground and one of the wheels of the chariot having buckled as it fell. One of Osidian’s dragons is still on the road, lying where it has fallen on the other wheel. The standard of the Green God can be seen lying upside down leaning against the road. It is in the space underneath that Carnelian and Fern seek shelter from the rain.

The second diagram shows Osidian’s attack coming along the road. The fire from his flame-pipes causes the Iron House to swerve off the road.

The third diagram shows Carnelian and Fern standing before the wheel of the Iron House that buckled when it came off the road and hit the earth. The boss from its hub lies like a bowl on the ground.

There is also a sketch of the Iron House half off the road that was a precursor to the more detailed sketch above. This kind of ‘storyboarding’ helps me visualize a scene before I write it…