The Iron House

A notion of the Iron House was there from the beginning of the Stone Dance, as the drawing from 1988 above shows. Then I called it the Chariot of the Gods – but I thought this a little too ‘Eric von Daniken’ and, later, I renamed it the Iron House. This picture still captures much of the ‘essence’ of the chariot, though the Iron House turned out to be considerably larger – essentially, a building of several storeys on wheels.

The Iron House was built in -741 (relative to the reign of Kumatuya) by the God Emperor Kakanxahe for him to travel around his domains. 7 years later it was converted for warfare by being covered with iron plates. Kakanxahe III lived in it for 18 years. 15 years after this period it was ‘mothballed’.

The diagram on the right shows a plan and back elevation of the Iron House. Its width is determined by that of the raised roads (the expanded diagram of a watchtower shows a faint outline of the Iron House). It has several levels and is entered by means of a draw-bridge in the form of a staircase. Two dragons, hitched to yokes and poles attached to the chariot, are used to pull it.