The Stairs of the Approach

The Stairs of the Approach are the link between the centre of the Halls of Thunder and the complexes of chambers used by the House of the Masks and the Wise. They consist of three precipitous flights of steps each leading up to a landing. The final landing terminates in the Iron Door which gives into the Thronehall. The Stairs are flanked by colossal idols of the many avatars of the Twin Gods.

It is this Stair which Carnelian ascends when he goes to meet his father, Suth and which culminates in the meeting with the God Emperor in the Dreamchamber.

The first diagram shows an end elevation of the Stairs. The reason I went to such elaborate lengths in constructing them was because I wanted to make sure that, though it was impossible to see any of the landings from the ground or while on any of the flights of steps [positions A, D, G & K], that it was nevertheless possible to see all the way to the Iron Door from within the Chamber of the Three Lands [position X] – which actually occurs in the chapter of The Chosen, “The Election”.

Note: position A corresponds to the outer wall of the Chamber of the Three Lands.

The first criteria matches those found in all Mesoamerican pyramids so that it seems to those climbing the steps that they are doing so into the sky. The second criteria allows for the splendour of the display which the procession of the House of the Masks makes as it descends through the Iron Door into the Chamber of the Three Lands (as is described in one of the election scenes in The Chosen).

The second and third diagrams show the second landing on which Carnelian meets Molochite and which is set about with thrones for the various representatives of the Three Powers. This is used for conferences between the Powers. From here, branch stairs give access to the chambers of the Wise as well as a further entry into the palaces of the House of the Masks.