The Ancient Halls

Ancient halls underlie the Halls of Thunder described in The Chosen. These once performed the same role as the new halls above – which include the addition of the Encampment of the Seraphim (which is shown superimposed on the plan and labelled “Hall of Wings”), the Chamber of the Three Lands etc. It is these halls that Carnelian reaches by descending from the Hall of the Sun in Splendour in the Sunhold and then goes exploring and finds his way through the Moon-Eyed Door into the labyrinth of chambers used by the Wise which include the Library of the Wise and the ammonite arrays.

Also shown is the Forbidden House of the House of the Masks which is separated from the rest of theĀ Pillar of Heaven by a narrow ravine called the Windmoat and which gives access to the secret way (Quyan Stair) which Carnelian and Osidian use to descend to the Yden.