The Election – Voting

The first two spreadsheets show the voting situation in Osrakum before and after Suth Sardian’s arrival. The third is protected by the access level system because it contains spoilers if you are reading The Chosen.

Before Suth’s arrival, Ykoriana’s faction is heading towards an outright win for her favoured candidate, Molochite, with a margin of more than 1000 votes. Even should Imago’s faction vote against her, she would win with a comfortable margin of 160. Note, however, that in spite of this, Aurum’s faction is dominant in the Clave… which is what allows him to have Suth elected He-who-goes-before.

Suth’s arrival changes everything. 500 or so blood-rank one votes come over to Aurum’s faction with 35 blood-rank two votes. These are enough to reverse the previous situation, so that it is Aurum’s faction that now looks to lead by more than 500 votes. But, critically, Imago’s faction, even though it has shrunk to less than half its previous strength, looks likely to neutralize this lead.

The third spreadsheet, shows a precise analysis of the actual votes cast in the Chamber of the Three Lands. Here the votes are broken down into those cast individually and those cast in blocks.

The House Suth votes are shown separately as an example of how a single House vote is broken down. In this case, the block vote includes the votes that Suth can cast as He-who-goes-before.

The House of the Masks votes are also shown. Ykoriana, as Regent, casts the block vote for her House, which though, unusually, excludes women, does include the votes of children and adolescents.

In the end, Osidian is elected by the tiny margin of 16 votes.