Kumatuya Election

This spreadsheet shows an analysis of the election to find a successor to the God Emperor Nuhuron; at issue, whether Ykoriana’s brother, Tyatxungo, should be elected, or her charismatic half-brother, Kumatuya, the favourite son of the deceased God Emperor—knowing that whoever wins will become her husband.

For what follows, it might be useful to refer to theĀ Imperial House family tree.

Kumatuya’s faction has his own blood-rank three votes; those of his mother, Nurpayahras and almost half the votes of the Great of blood-rank two.

Tyatxungo’s faction has his own blood-rank four votes; those of Nayakarade, his mother (and that of Ykoriana); and more than half the votes of the Great of blood-rank two.

The huge disparity in votes between these two factions is down to Tyatxungo’s superior blood-rank. Kumatuya’s survival depends entirely on Ykoriana’s votes.

Ykoriana’s faction has her own blood-rank four votes; those of Tiye; a small number of the blood-rank two Great, and almost all the blood-rank one Great.

Tiye votes with Ykoriana because she wishes to punish her nephew Kumatuya, who it was who persuaded Nuhuron to give her daughter, Azurea, in marriage to Suth Sardian, his friend and lover—Azurea had then died giving birth to Carnelian. In return for her support, Ykoriana promised Tiye that she would not only hurt Kumatuya, but also Sardian.

Note that Azurea’s death before the election deprived Suth of her 400 votes that he could have cast for Kumatuya.

The analysis shows how Ykoriana held the balance of power in this election. Without the votes that she commands, Kumatuya will lose the election and with it his life.

Note that, even though Ykoriana is not eligible to vote in the Clave, her faction still holds the balance of power there. This means that she effectively controls the votes cast by He-who-goes-before, though these votes are not shown in the analysis.