The Kharon and their Bone Boats

The Kharon are a specialized caste in Osrakum that live in family units in boathouses on the outer slopes of the Ydenrim as well as the shores of the cone that walls the Plain of Thrones.

These family units vary in size. The smallest has but a single boat, the largest many. The kharon mate exculsively among themselves.

At birth, all Kharon children have their right eye plucked out. This forces them to become used to using only one eye. This is necessary because they are compelled by the Law of the Chosen always to wear a right profile mask which has but a single eye slit.

A Kharon mask is made of ivory or bone and looks something like the one illustrated. These masks have the peculiarity that they show a face in right profile. Reading this as one would a glyph, this gives the impression that the steersman is looking into the future.

The first illustration actually depicts a steersman who is wearing the characteristic headdress: a nest of bone fragments at the heart of which is located a turtle shell, a symbol for the sky.

The second diagram shows rough sketches of the bone boats which the Kharon use to ferry people back and forth across the Skymere. These are galleys with extremely tall prow and stern posts and propelled by oarsmen who are more Kharon hidden beneath the deck. A bone boat is constructed and maintained from the bones of the dead of the family that operate it. Thus a Kharon is bound in life and death to his ancestral vessel.