Views on Entering the Wheel

I produced these diagrams to better visualize Carnelian’s entry into the Wheel in The Masters (The Chosen in the First Edition). They are indicative of the exhaustive preparatory work that I used to do and that was strongly influenced by my working method in my—then recent—previous career as a designer of computer games. Each diagram is an accurate perspective drawing.

The first diagram is what Carnelian can see as he approaches the gatehouses of the Wheel. The blue square is the projection plane. Note the Sacred Wall of Osrakum (seen through the buildings as if with x-ray vision) and the position of the sun and the shadow that it casts on the road on which Carnelian is riding.

The second diagram shows the view looking back, when Carnelian is halfway across the bridge spanning the moat that around the Wheel.

The third diagram shows a view from the same spot looking down at the moat.

Gradually I moved away from such excessive preparatory work. As I gained experience in the writing process, my research became increasingly light-footed. Today my reasearch process is much more focused and lean.