Characters (S-Y)

Sapient – one of the Wise

Sardian – the personal name of Carnelian’s father, and the Ruling Lord of House Suth

Sil – Plainswoman of the Ochre, daughter to Whin and Fern’s wife

Spinel – the head of the second lineage of House Suth

Stormrane – Plainsman of the Ochre, husband to Akaisha and father to Ravan

Suth – the name of Carnelian’s House, or how Sardian is referred to because he is that House’s Ruling Lord

Tain – a marumaga son of Sardian and Ebeny and thus Carnelian’s half-brother

Talan – a Plainsman of the Ochre

Tapaz – a Lord of the second lineage of House Suth

Tiye – a consort of the God Emperor Nuhuron and mother of Azurea and, thus, Carnelian’s maternal grandmother

Urquentha – Suth Sardian’s mother and, thus, Carnelian’s paternal grandmother

Vennel – a House of the Great. Vennel accompanies Aurum and Jaspar to Suth Sardian’s island

Veridian – a lord from the third lineage of House Suth

Whin – Plainswoman of the Ochre and from the same hearth as Akaisha and mother to Sil

the Wise – one of the Three Powers of the Chosen

Ykoriana – Empress, wife and sister to Kumatuya, mother of Molochite and Nephron