Characters (I-L)

The Ichorian – a retired guardsman of the Red Ichorians who guard the entry into Osrakum

Imago – the House of Jaspar – one of the Great

Jaspar – a Lord of the Great, of House Imago – who accompanies Aurum to seek Suth Sardian’s return

Keal – a marumaga son of Suth Sardian and Ebeny and thus Carnelian’s half-brother

Khrusos – a Lord of House Imago, though not of its first lineage

Kor – a sartlar woman

Koril – a Lord of the third lineage of House Suth

Krib – a member of the House Suth tyadra (guardsmen) on Suth’s island

Krow – Plainsman youth of the Twostone tribe

Kumatuya – God Emperor, brother and husband to Ykoriana, father of Osidian and Molochite

Kyte – Plainsman and Elder of the Ochre

Left-Hanus – the individual who brain occupies the left half of the joint head of the sybling Hanuses

Left-Quentha – the woman who forms the left part of the subling Quenthas

Loskai – Plainsman son of Harth and Crowrane and brother to Ranegale