Characters (D-H)

Darkcloud – A Plainsman tribe – neighbours of the Ochre

Ebeny – a Plainswoman brought to Osrakum as part of the flesh-tithe and, there, taken into House Suth. Suth Sardian’s lover, and wet-nurse to Carnelian who considers her, in many ways, to be his mother…

Emeral – a Lord of the second lineage of House Suth

Fern – the son of Akaisha and the result of her rape by a Marula

Fey – a marumaga half-sister of Suth Sardian and thus Carnelian’s aunt

Flama Ykoria – a daughter of Ykoriana and Kumatuya

Gingka – Plainswoman and Elder of the Ochre

Grand Sapients – the heads of the 12 Domains of the Wise

Grane – a marumaga sone of Suth Sardian and one of his household women

Hanuses – a pair of sybling Chosen

Harth – Plainswoman and Elder of the Ochre, mother of Ranegale and Loskai, wife to Crowrane