The Leper Valleys

With north to the top, the map above shows the southern margin of the Guarded Land plateau (orange) where it meets the northern margin of the Earthsky (pale yellow) – another, but lower, plateau. They meet at Lepers’ Gorge within which a river flows from east to west, coming out of the Gorge into the widening delta of the Leper Valleys proper. Here the river spreads into many channels, eventually disappearing altogether into the swamp – the green left edge of the map.

Note the dark line moving roughly south to north up the Earthsky. This is the Backbone – the basalt dyke that the Ochre travelled along on their journeys to and from the Guarded Land.

The structure that cuts up, north, into the Guarded Land (looking like a tree root) is the Pass that leads up to the city of Makar – there at its very tip. Red lines run away from Makar are raised roads. The one arriving from the north is the Great South Road. The road running east and west is the Ringwall that runs along the margin of the Guarded Land to enclose it in its loop.