the Stone Dance Second Edition

Once upon a time I said in an interview that there was only a single word that I wanted to change in the whole of the nearly seven hundred thousand words of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon. That I could say anything so ludicrous and pretentious says a lot about who I was then. How things change: for the Second Edition I have reduced the text by a quarter, and I hacked my way through the excess verbiage with pleasure. The Second Edition is a much cleaner, leaner and more vital affair. Beyond and above this I took the opportunity to sort out all kinds of problems that I knew were there, and many more that I discovered along the way. In places, where I had compromised, I have restored my original, instinctual vision. Prime among these is that Fern has become Blue—indeed, the desire to rewrite him niggled at me for years, and it was Blue—that he be put right—who helped draw me back to the Stone Dance.

I have broken the Stone Dance into seven rather than three parts. There are practical reasons for this, but the artistic reasons are the clincher. I have had to write new material, most specifically the four new ‘hinge chapters’: if the First Edition was a triptych, the Second is a heptaptych.

As for the practicalities, the re-editing is done, and the text is being proof-read. I am working on new covers that are my own designs. The Second Edition will be available in paperback and as ebooks and will be released sooner rather than later; the individual volumes probably within a few months, or even weeks of each other. Please join my mailing list if you wish to be kept informed of progress.

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