deconstructing human sensibility…

my reaction to this is one of bemused irritation. It seems to me to be yet another attempt to ‘automate’ the human experience. It strikes me that the ongoing project to deconstruct human sensibility – in all areas – is a pointless exercise… If it fails it is a waste of resources. If it succeeds it can only diminish us and reduce our spirituality… and for what? So that we can have a computer turn art criticism into warehousing?!?

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  1. I think my main task throughout my life has been to re-construct human sensibility, as a priest, therapist, social worker &C. But this task may require a de-construction first. Gestalt is also known as a de-construct-ive therapy.

  2. Lol! wow, as I feared, humankind has taken yet another step toward making ourselves and our precious minds utterly and pitifully useless. Digital images passing for art is not bad enough that we must give the judging of aestheticism to an artificial mind that runs in codes of 0 and 1? As a lover of the art, I am afraid that art might be just another aspect of our culture being swallowed by the “advancement” in technological intelligence. Yes, I no longer buy Christmas decoration if you would like to know ^^.

    1. I suspect the human mind might well be able to see this threat off… after all, these threats are all man made and computers, for all their manifold strengths, are nothing more than tools… Of course, if we ever do crack AI – and I am not entirely sure that this feat is within our reach, at least not for quite some time – then that would be a different matter… but, even then, what we would be doing would be creating another species… and that may be more of a boon than a curse… for why should these AIs be any less fascinated than we are in our art, who are themselves an example of it…?

  3. essentially, I believe that what we are witnessing is the consumerisation of culture – turning everything into commerce with a consequence that even taste is, as you say, standardized…

  4. Hmmm… Increasingly I find that what we’re supposed to like, what our taste should be, is decided FOR us… Before Christmas we wanted to buy some decorations for our Christmas tree, and ALL shops, be it supermarket, Christmas shops, market stalls, decoration shops, had the same limited range of decorations. If one doesn’t comform to the mass, on literally is dependent on one’s own ingenuity and resources.

  5. Well, from the mathematical point of view I find this quite interesting, the analysis of pictures is not easy at all. But:

    “According to Wang, there also are opportunities to link the rating system directly to cameras so that when a photo is taken, the photographer can instantly see how it might be perceived by the public.”

    I can’t understand why it should be desirable to replace individual taste with the opinion of a machine. Our individuality is what makes us human (imho) so why give that up in favour of uniformity?
    Well, i guess the advertising industry may have a certain interest in that…

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