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Quya - an example Quyan text

Song to the Earth with glosses


For those of you who, like James McCleary, are linguistically minded, I have put up this page as an example of a Quyan text with associated glosses which show its grammatical structure. Underlined syllables are stressed.

This is the actual translation that I worked on with David Adger who is definitely the linguistical brains behind this 'operation'.

Flesh, knit bone to bone

Your withered earth

Oh Ancient Mother

Scorched tearless You await

The Sky Lord come to thunder

Rumbling His stormy belly

Withholding His urgent seed

Until He shall pierce You with His shafts

Quench the burning air

Rill and pool Your dusts

Fill Your wombs with spiralling jades

Until Your flesh swells up

In the midst of breaking waters

Clenching for release

Thrust forth the Green Child

Ten thousand times reborn

Squeeze Him into the air

Enjewelled by the morning

To take sweet nurture

At Your breasts

That He might dance again

And once more blow His scents

Beneath the skies.

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